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These heavy duty, hard hitting rock drills feature high blow rate & torque, resulting in rapid drilling even in the hardest rock. Their all forged alloy steel construction proven retention system & inbuilt lubrication circuit means excellent durability and low operating costs. 

Rock Drills-1Rock Drills-2



  • The ERD 60 drills 2 1/2 upto 20 feet deep in the hardest rock. The UD9 drill 1 3/4" holes upto 12" deep in RCC and Masonry
  • Both feature high blow rate and high rotational torque for quick drilling
  • Both features an excellent blow cycle for hole cleaning.
  • Both features an inbuilt oiler and a lubricator circuit for durability and economy.
  • The ERD 60 features multi speed throttle.
  • Both feature durable alloy steel drop forged and heat treated construction throughout {the UD9 has an Aluminum Handle}

 Specifications :

Model Net Weight (kg) Overall Length (mm) Shank Size (mm) Piston Diameter (mm) Piston Stroke (mm) Air Consumption

Cubic Meter/min

Impact Frequency (b.p.m.)

Hose Size (mm)

ERD-60 21.1 568 22 x 82 66.6 68.2 2.6 1850 19.0
22 x 108
25 x 108
UD 9 3.6 368 19 x 95 31.75 35.0 1.3 3400 12.7

 Note: Since improvements are made from time to time , specifications may change without notice.

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