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Sigmatool Scrabbling Hammers are similar to need scalers but have a single or triple piston impacting upon the surface instead of needles. Some models are tungsten tipped for heavy duty application and others are alloy steel for medium and light duties. Scrabbling Hammers are used where there is a need to break through heavy layers of rust coating or chemical or used where there is a need to remove stubborn layers like forging scale. 


  • Hold cleaning
  • General deck and surface cleaning
  • Removal of heavy rush on tankers
  • Dry dock applications

Offshore and petrochemical

  • Tank cleaning
  • Maintenance of structures, preparation to repainting
  • General deck cleaning


  • Floor coating cleaning
  • Bridge refurbishment
  • General removal of coatings from any surface


  • Removal of concrete residue from re-bar
  • Imparting of decorative finish to concrete
  • Removal of cement from vehicles and plant 
  • Weld cleaning


  • Removal of deposits such as paint fiberglass and similar substances.
Pneumatic Scrabblers
  • Simple one moving part mechanism
  • Easy to maintain
  • Light weight- easy to manoeuvre 

Standard Equipment

  • 1SC , 3SC

            Steel Adaptor
            Side handle (3SC only)

  • X2

           Brass Adaptor and nipple

Technical Specifications 

Model Net Weight Kgs Overall Length  mm Frequency bpm Air Consumption  meter cube/min Stroke and Bore mm x mm Throttle type Piston tip material
1SC 2.8 481 3900 0.15 26 x 27.0 Lever Tungsten Carbide
3SC 3.5 481 3200 0.27 26 x 27.0 Lever Tungsten Carbide
X2 2.8 500 3900 0.14 33 x 28.6 Twist Chromium Molybednum steel


Replacement Pistons
Part No. Suitable for Material
0795023 1SC,3SC Steel with Tungsten Carbide
0795024 0795029  1SC,3SC Chromium Molybedum 
Tungsten Carbide
07981015 X2 Chromium Molybedum Steel

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