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bullet Our principle has been manufacturing quality accessories for use on power hammers for 15 years.
bullet All the accessories are manufactured entirely in our in-house facility that is continuously upgraded with the very newest manufacturing technology
bullet The raw materials going into our product are manufactured to our stringent specifications of composition and purity.
bullet Heat Treatment is done on a numerically controlled Heat Treatment Plant that ensures the metallurgical properties meet our Quality Control Standards.
bullet These systems result in a product that has met customers expectations both in quality and value.

Forged Shank Steels
bullet Comprehensive range to suit all popular brands of paving breakers. Sizes from 3/4" to 1 1/4" lengths upto 5 mts available. Different working ends chisels, points or blades are available through the range.
Forged Shank Steels
Forged Shank Paving Breaker Steels 22 x 82.5 mm Shank
Forged Shank Paving Breaker Steels 25 x 108 mm Shank
Forged Shank Paving Breaker Steels 28 x 160 mm Shank
Forged Shank Paving Breaker Steels 32 x 160 mm Shank

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