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  • Non sparking ,Non electrical totally safe in hazardous environments.
  • Completely submersible.
  • Can be run dry for extended periods without damage.
  • Self Priming
  • No seals or glands to wear out.
  • Long lasting wear parts.
  • Fluids being pumped are not subjected to high velocities.
  • Discharge can be throttled until pump stalls- without damage to pump - can be re-started again by opening discharge valve.
  • Easy to maintain - quick stripdown - no special tools required.
  • Can pump fluids which contain particles.
  • Can pump high viscosity fluids and abrasive slurries.

Abrasive Slurries

Sigmatool diaphragm pumps are well suited for pumping of abrasive slurries. Centrifugal pumps generate high fluid velocities and abrasive slurry rapidly wears these types of pumps. Sigmatool diaphragm pumps are recommended for such applications because of the low fluid velocities and minimal erosion wear. Moreover there are no high speed shaft seals or packing that have to be replaced as in conventional pumps. Dredging drilling mud and similar slurries are well handled.

Viscous Fluids

Another application where Sigmatool Diaphragm Pumps, are well   suited is the pumping of viscous fluids such as asphalt, grout, grease, molasses and similar media. Viscosity of these fluids is variable depending on temperature and other factors and therefore the energy expanded to pump them also varies. In a pneumatically driven diaphragm pump the output is totally variable making it ideally suited for such fluids. In fact pneumatic diaphragm pumps can be loaded up to its stalling limits without any pump damage. In general these pumps consume less power than displacement pumps in similar situations.


Sigmatool diaphragm pumps operate on a simple mechanism involving few  moving parts. They are efficient and easily serviced. With the proper selection of pump materials they are capable of handling a wide variety of fluids. Apart from pumping regular fluids like water, sea water and most fluids having viscosities like water some problematic fluids and applications are :

                                          Can be used submerged as shown


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